Ukrainians will have to pay for gas in new ways: how to grow bills and how to save

Украинцам придется платить за газ по-новому: на сколько вырастут платежки и как сэкономить

Ukrainians will be invoiced, even if they are not included burners

The national Commission for regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKU) explained that innovation is associated with the entry into force on 1 January 2020.

So, now the Ukrainians from the total amount in the accounts separately allocate the monthly fee and, according to experts, will now have to pay more, reports “Today”.

The bill proposed to separate from the total amount of the payment a fee, because the consumer has the technical possibility of access to gas. It does not matter whether the consumer of this gas.

Украинцам придется платить за газ по-новому: на сколько вырастут платежки и как сэкономить

In NKREKU say that the ultimate cost of gas to consumers the monthly fee will be removed, leaving only the gas price, taxes and profit of the trader. According to the latest data of the regulator, the tariff for gas for the population consists of the cost of gas as a commodity (71%), VAT (16.6 per cent), fees for the transportation of 3.1%, a fee for distribution, which we are now speaking (7,1%), the trader’s profit (1.7 percent).

This innovation would hit consumers in the private sector, home heating gas, as heating costs in the winter, even a small will have to pay for 300-350 UAH more.

Also, the expert said, will find the rates after the law

According to him, the suppliers taking the volume of gas consumed by the consumer over the past year from October to October (the beginning of the heating season), we distinguish from it the subscription fee, distribute it monthly in equal installments.

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“This amount include bills, but for the next year. That is, if the current year’s consumption to reduce the fee next year will be less, and Vice versa, but again – for the next year. If a year do not use gas, and monthly fee for the next year should not be”, — says the expert.

Украинцам придется платить за газ по-новому: на сколько вырастут платежки и как сэкономить

Earlier we talked about the new tariffs for heating in Ukraine, which in short time will grow for all categories of citizens. This was in a video interview Politeka said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky

According to him, also expect increase of tariffs for hot water – on average 15%. This increase, it should be noted, quite absurd, as calculated at the prices of gas over the last year. Prices were then higher.

The issue may get a global nature, he said. Because it can create confusion with international partners, to which Ukraine has certain obligations.

We will remind, the municipal disaster freeze Ukrainians who will stay with cold batteries.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians raised the price of gas, announced amount.

Also Politeka wrote that tariffs for communal listed: prepare your wallets.