Ukrainians will distribute 10 thousand: who is lucky and how to

Украинцам раздадут по 10 тысяч: кому повезет и как получить

From may 1 began to make grants with the income received during the second half of 2018

Discount “shines” only to those who in the summer spends more than 15% of family income on utilities, according to “”.

The considerable part of Ukrainians will be left without subsidies. For example, take a family of three with one average salary.

Украинцам раздадут по 10 тысяч: кому повезет и как получить

For example, a family in an average month, according to the state statistics service, received 8368 UAH. When calculating the amount of the required payment, that amount should be divided by the number of family members, two a living wage and multiply by 15% and total family income. What happened – the payment of family, and the rest will be covered by subsidy.

The specified family could every month to pay for communal services taking into account subsidies 1029,7 UAH. In the winter, with the heating, the average housing and utility costs could be 1.5-2 thousand UAH (depending on the heated area of housing). Thus, the monthly subsidy offset about half of the utility costs.

The Ministry of social policy note: the recalculation will be done automatically. However, some still have to go back to social security. Braid need to re-apply: renters; those who have a different number registered and living in housing; immigrants; those who have changed the family structure; to those who in the family is unemployed (or people with an income less than the minimum).

“Will not be taken into consideration illegal in the payment of additional consumers of additional volumes of natural gas for bringing the so-called standard conditions,” – noted in the Cabinet.

Украинцам раздадут по 10 тысяч: кому повезет и как получить

You will not receive a discount those who: has a house with area of 200 sq m, the apartment or from 120 square meters; owns a car by the age of 5; made the purchase for the sum from 50 thousand UAH; in recent years not paid for ERU and did not consist on the account in the employment Center.

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