Ukrainians will check on the conscience: what in the Cabinet

Украинцев будут проверять "на совесть": что задумали в Кабмине

In Ukraine created a civil service with an average salary of 22 thousand

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established the State service of Ukraine on ethnic policy and religious freedom, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

The decision was taken on Wednesday, June 12.

Украинцев будут проверять "на совесть": что задумали в Кабмине

The state service for ethnonational policy and the freedom of conscience is a Central Executive authority whose activities koordiniruyutsya by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Ministry of culture.

At the same time, the culture has already instructed within three months to draft regulation on the new service, and the Ministry of Finance to amend the budget to Finance it.

As reported in the explanatory note at the beginning of this year recorded about 200 “hot spots” in 17 regions of Ukraine, while in 2014 their number did not exceed 30.

Most of the conflicts on religious grounds. In skirmishes, and not only theological, often join the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the DNC. However, the military is whipping up passions associated not with the state policy of Ukraine, which is based on the principle of “divide and conquer”, and with the intrigues of the Russian Federation.

Украинцев будут проверять "на совесть": что задумали в Кабмине

Under the new civil service the Ministry of culture has requested additional funding in the amount of 25 million hryvnias. About 15 million will go to salaries. Total staffing provided 57 salaries. Hence, average salary would be about 22 thousand UAH per month. The rest of the money the authorities plan to spend on furniture, office and household goods.

To be the civil service will be in Kiev at the address: ul. Proreznaya, 15. The state ethnonational policy and the freedom of conscience set a limit of cars in the amount of one to the Central office.

The maximum number of employees is 57, of which 51 civil servant.

Recall that in the team of Vladimir Zelensky has told about the plans to change the Constitution.

“The Constitution will be amended, but whether it will be changed in some part or in whole, possibly in a referendum – all discussion question”, — said the representative Zelensky in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk.

We will remind that the constitutional court will not be able to make a decision on Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has appointed a new head of Kyiv region.

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky has adopted an emergency decision, Lutsenko has found a new job.