Ukrainians will build on the moon their base

In the program of lunar exploration planning to use almost 40 defense and scientific companies.

Українці побудують на Місяці власну базу

The Association of Ukrainian scientific and technological enterprises and organizations will form a Committee which will develop a lunar base project. Committee of joint projects in rocket-space industry will organize a monitoring of the market of space services, to discuss joint projects of lunar base and spacecraft orbital service, reports Rus.Media.

The Association “Cosmos” included six institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, several universities and public companies, with experience in creation of rocket-space technology. The main goal of the Association will be to develop a new space strategy, the search for new applications, projects, partners and expansion of international cooperation.

Note that Ukrainian specialists in the field of space is not the first time gunning for a Month. In October 2016 Director of KB “southern” Alexander Degtyarev said about the technological readiness of Ukraine to fly to the moon and expeditions to Mars.

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