Ukrainians will be deprived of subsidies before the heating season: who is not lucky

Украинцы лишатся субсидий перед отопительным сезоном: кому не повезет

For Ukrainians has prepared a surprise with communal

In Ukraine all subsidianes believe in three stages. In result not all families who apply for assistance from the state will be able to get it.

In a special register to store the form for each. Moreover, the law protects the collected data. And if anyone will give her, such as a credit organization to handle potential customers or fraudsters – it will have to bear the liability according to law.

Similar registries exist in different authorities now. So, there is already a registry of subsidianes. The difference is that the new platform will be critical for all who want assistance from the state. This will greatly simplify the verification procedure.

Украинцы лишатся субсидий перед отопительным сезоном: кому не повезет

So, in the registry to store such information about the person:

  • Name, gender, date and place of birth;
  • passport data and INN (if any);
  • place of residence and where actually resides;
  • data from various registers (the presence of cars, real estate);
  • information about Bank accounts and money on them.

Earlier it was reported that the Minister of community development and territories Alyona Babak said that the heating season in all cities of Ukraine should begin on time.

In addition, President Vladimir Zelensky instructed the relevant departments to report on the status of preparations for the heating season no later than September 20.

Украинцы лишатся субсидий перед отопительным сезоном: кому не повезет

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“Until September 20, 2019, the relevant agencies should report on the provision of training for the heating season, in particular on the strict schedule of accumulation of sufficient energy resources (gas and coal), the readiness of regions for the winter period. In the future, should be carried out weekly monitoring,” – said the head of state.

Ukrainian legislation provides that the heating season should be started when daily average air temperature is within 3 days is below 8 degrees Celsius.

Under the law, today Ukrainians can obtain subsidies and monetized benefits in two ways: in the form of cash to the Bank account in “Oshchadbank” and cash on the statement of beneficiary.

In order to obtain compensation for the cost of utilities cash need until October 15 to apply to the subdivision for social protection of the population (USZN). In addition, you need to submit the Bank details for payment or to specify the number of the post office, and to pay benefits, the state will be at the moment when the start of the heating season.

We will remind, the municipal disaster freeze Ukrainians who will stay with cold batteries.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians raised the price of gas, announced amount.

Also Politeka wrote that tariffs for communal listed: prepare your wallets.