Ukrainians warned of the increase of salaries, but not all luck: whose life will change this year

Украинцев предупредили о повышении зарплат, но повезет не всем: чья жизнь изменится уже в этом году

Salaries in Ukraine are going to increase significantly, as it was in 2018

Salaries in the Ukrainian labor market in 2018 increased on average by 25-30%. Many experts believe that in 2019, this trend will continue, reports Know.

According to experts, this will contribute to a number of factors, the main of which — the lack of young people.

So, for example, according to HR expert Tatyana Pushkinoj, wage growth in Ukraine was uneven across the market. Initially, the greatest demand was observed in employees of the hospitality industry — hotels, restaurants, cafes. But after the situation changed in favor of professional backgrounds. Banks, investments, leasing, behind them is the production, administrative staff and students.

Украинцев предупредили о повышении зарплат, но повезет не всем: чья жизнь изменится уже в этом году

“More than anyone has raised wages for young people, for beginners. For beginners in various professional fields employers were forced to raise wages to close vacancies”, — says Pashkina

The website monthly 100 thousand unique jobs. After reviewing them, analysts have noted quite a dynamic trend to increase the salaries for 2018. The increase amounted to about 25%, and sometimes reached to 50%, said CEO of the company Arthur Mikhno.

“First of all it touched the bottom (10 ths.) the salary segment. In which the upper bracket has risen to 13 th. A similar situation exists in the middle segment. It was 10-15 thousand UAH. was 15-20 thousand UAH. The reasons are economic growth and competition between employers for workers. Moreover, our companies compete even with foreign colleagues — doing everything to get people not to leave their homeland,” — says Arthur Mikhno.

Украинцев предупредили о повышении зарплат, но повезет не всем: чья жизнь изменится уже в этом году

Also earlier it was reported that the national Bank released a forecast on the growth of salaries of Ukrainians and overall inflation in the country until 2021, in which the citizens have produced disappointing news.

It is reported that the growth rate of salaries of Ukrainians will decrease compared with 2018 year until the return to the level of 9%, but experts believe that the real wage growth could fall to 4%.

“The negative contribution of the labor force will remain a deterrent to the growth of potential GDP in the forecast horizon. This is due to the shortage of skilled workers, especially workers professions together with a natural decline in the population. At the same time, the negative contribution of the labor force will be less than in previous years”, — stated in the report of the NBU.

Recall that wages in Ukraine in 2019: how much lift and what threatens to increase minimal salary

As reported Politeka became known to the average salary in Ukraine in 2019.

Also Politeka wrote that wages in Ukraine may reach the level of the European Union: named for the main condition.