Ukrainians told to hand over money before October 1, if not finish, then…

Украинцам сказали сдать деньги до 1 октября: если не успеете, то...

Ukrainians will have to get rid of some coins in a limited time frame

This was reported by the press service of the national Bank in Facebook.

Украинцам сказали сдать деньги до 1 октября: если не успеете, то...

As it was informed, since October 1 this year 1, 2 and 5 cents will not be able to pay for goods and services. The reason – the NBU will gradually be withdrawn from cash circulation, and the banks and stores will cease to accept them.

However, the regulator was quick to reassure small coins will be no problem to exchange for notes (or coins of another nominal value) over the next three years. This can be done like this:

the first year (starting from the day when the Bank began to withdraw coins from circulation – until 30 September 2020) to exchange the trifle will be in all branches of the Ukrainian banks;

— for three years ( from the date of their retirement until 30 September 2022) fines will only accept the National Bank and Oshchadbank, PrivatBank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

Украинцам сказали сдать деньги до 1 октября: если не успеете, то...

Ukrainians also reminded that the national Bank gradually wants to refuse the coin in 25 cents. However, while the NBU, the exact timing is not announced, these coins remain legal tender.

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Earlier it was reported that the experts gave a disappointing Outlook on the economic situation in Ukraine. In particular, economist Viktor Skarshevsky said that the country can overtake another devaluation of the hryvnia and the decline in GDP.

According to him, such development is possible in a year and a half. Such forecast was sounded earlier by experts of the International monetary Fund, speaking about the onset of a new financial crisis.

While economists admit that the global financial crisis can begin even earlier, and the economy of Ukraine can lick more and falling prices for grain and metal.

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced after the theft of money from the card.

As reported Politeka, the hryvnia will collapse soon: immediately run to the exchangers, that will not happen.

Also Politeka wrote in Zelensky talking about abolition of important tax, the Ukrainians will be rich.