Ukrainians told how to pay for communal less, this will change everything: “save up to 30%”

Украинцам рассказали, как платить за коммуналку меньше, это изменит все: «Экономия до 30%»

Ukrainians will be able to the third to reduce their costs of heating

The method further savings will be available only to tenants of homes with OSD. The President of the Center for global studies “Strategy XXI” Michael Gonchar told the publication “Word and Deed”.

According to him, to save the tenants will need to install heating units.

“In particular, it is about equipping the entrances of houses individual thermal points. This will provide savings for residents by almost 30% when you pay with a communal”, — said Gonchar.

He added that at the household level also helps to save energy modernization and use of more efficient heating systems.

Украинцам рассказали, как платить за коммуналку меньше, это изменит все: «Экономия до 30%»

“Despite the fact that energy shortages not yet, this does not mean that they will be very cheap. They should be treated efficiently from the point of view in order not to empty their own wallet to care about the environment, not to warm the atmosphere too. The consequences we see,” — said the expert.

We will remind, earlier Vladimir Zelensky said that the heating season in one of the regions of Ukraine was on the verge of collapse.

In jeopardy Lviv oblast. The President said during his press marathon on October 10.

The head of state reiterated that the threat of disruption of the heating season in Ukraine really exists. He stressed that already deals with this problem.

“Is the threat of a heating season. In one area or another. Now no matter where, all over Ukraine. I know, and I’m doing this”, — assured the President.

Despite the fact that he did not specify, as an example, the problem region Zelensky called Lviv oblast.

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Украинцам рассказали, как платить за коммуналку меньше, это изменит все: «Экономия до 30%»

In addition, Zelensky named one of the tasks of the new government reduction of income, Ukrainian families spend on paying the rates for utilities.

“The international monetary Fund requires that the market price (for gas for the population. — Ed.). For our country to increase tariffs. But you see, since the summer, we ride. This is our task. I talked with the International monetary Fund and with our government, and we agreed: if we open the market and if we have market prices, interest rate, payment of utility rates from the income of the family should decrease. And we can guarantee this to people,” — summed up Zelensky.

We will remind, the prices for communal soar to the obscene, the heating season will be hell.

As reported Politeka, the government has prepared a communal attack on Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians will lose their subsidies before the heating season.