Ukrainians showed the ballots for elections to the Verkhovna Rada: all details and photos

Украинцам показали бюллетени для выборов в Верховную Раду: все подробности и фото

It became known as it will look in the Bulletin in early elections to the Verkhovna Rada 2019

In the printing plant “Ukraine” already printed ballot papers in parliamentary elections. It is reported by the channel 24.

CEC approved the form and content of the documents. In these elections there will be two kinds of ballot papers: the first by majority districts, the second on the multi-mandate nationwide constituencies. They have different colors and length.

If we talk about the national multi-member district, then this is the newsletter of gray-blue color, measuring 20 by 60 cm. In the list of 22 parties, the order of which the CEC was determined by drawing lots.

Украинцам показали бюллетени для выборов в Верховную Раду: все подробности и фото

As for the ballots for the majoritarian districts they have five sizes and they are sand color. The size depends on the number of candidates: the smallest is 20 by 20 inches, and the largest is 20 to 80.

The cost of ballots for multi-member and majority constituencies are also different: in multimember districts – 4 hryvnia 20 kopecks per one ballot, by the majority – from 2 hryvnas to 4 hryvnas 60 cents depending on the size of the document.

Украинцам показали бюллетени для выборов в Верховную Раду: все подробности и фото

Director of printing plant “Ukraine” Yuriy Onishchenko has revealed an interesting fact: “newsletters will be spent almost 14 million pages of protected-size paper, 62 to 81 centimeters to equal the weight of 540 tons. We think that if you add up all the ballots that are printed in the same stack, its height will be equal to the height of the highest peak of Africa – Kilimanjaro”.

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Украинцам показали бюллетени для выборов в Верховную Раду: все подробности и фото

Earlier it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the second reading adopted the new electoral code with open lists. Document after a series of failed votes was supported by 230 MPs. The act provides for the use of the electoral system, which allows you to personalize the vote (open lists of candidates), which requires the introduction of regional constituencies.

It is also expected to improve legislative regulation of the election campaign. The law clarifies the concept of campaigning and the forms of its implementation. In addition, you can organize requirements for the activities of the media in informing the society about the electoral process and their participation in the campaign.

The new Electoral code by open lists will come into effect in 2023. Thus, the document will be valid for the next parliamentary and presidential elections.

Recall that the main secret election is revealed: the Ukrainians told us how to get to Rada.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky urgently appealed to the Ukrainians from the new law won’t make one.

Also Politeka wrote that in the new Parliament will be two groups of MPs: “this is a very big negative”.