Ukrainians showed a photo of the unique twins, “Lived eight days”

Украинцам показали фото уникальных близнецов: «Прожили восемь дней»

In the Internet appeared photo of conjoined twins from Chernivtsi, the fate of which was watched by all country

As reported Politeka, the footage was posted on Youtube.

Thus, in the framework of the “For each” on one of Ukrainian TV channels was made by the parents of the girls – Dmitry and Angela Petryuk. The pair admitted that they decided to give birth despite the doctors after the first ultrasound. It was a long-awaited pregnancy, because the couple experienced a miscarriage.

Украинцам показали фото уникальных близнецов: «Прожили восемь дней»

“We knew that the child was sick, but couldn’t do it. We agreed: what will be the child will grow”, — said the father of the children.

Also Dmitry said that the couple refused the abortion because of religious beliefs.

“From childhood I believe in God. We can’t do everything that doctors say. Abortion we can’t do” — he stressed.

As previously reported, in children’s clinical hospital died Siamese twins who were born in the night of 28 September. The tragedy occurred in Chernivtsi in the regional hospital.

Украинцам показали фото уникальных близнецов: «Прожили восемь дней»

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It is known that the mother of the dead girls never navidale their never in the hospital before the babies did not. The death of the girls stated the evening of 5 October. In the hospital was appalled because of the behaviour of the parents — the mother never came to the girls, and his father only brought products.

On the eve of irreparable toddlers were in critical condition for three days. As we wrote earlier, Siamese twins were born in the hospital of Chernivtsi:

“In newborns there were two heads share the same body and one pair of hands and feet”. Doctors have considered a feature of the fetus of a woman who first became pregnant at our first ultrasound examination, but she did not believed what happened, and abortion refused.

We will remind, the Ukrainian woman gave birth to a unique baby, “the doctors could not believe their eyes.”

As reported Politeka, the child with a frightening anomaly was born in India: “it was supposed to be triplets”.

Politeka also wrote that the 18-year-old girl gave birth to a unique child: “the doctors haven’t seen such a thing.”