Ukrainians revealed the truth about the “legacy” Poroshenko: what the country went Zelensky

Украинцам раскрыли правду о "наследии" Порошенко: какая страна досталась Зеленскому

Ukrainians finally saw what condition Poroshenko left the country Zelensky

On his page on the social network Facebook lawyer Michael Schneider sounded the “list of achievements” of Petro Poroshenko during his presidentsthe.

Vladimir Zelensky will celebrate their 100 days in office of the President of Ukraine on 27 August. Many believe that at this time, you can make the first conclusions about the new man in power.

Украинцам раскрыли правду о "наследии" Порошенко: какая страна досталась Зеленскому

Some of the Ukrainians have managed to “throw” Zelensky charges of failing some of his campaign promises and pledges during the inauguration.

The famous Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Michael Snyder has decided to stand up for the newly minted head of state. He obyasnil Facebook, which country received Zelensky after the tenure of Petro Poroshenko.

“In recent years, chocolate lovers, began a loud and pathetic to shout about the fact that Zelensky three months as President, did almost nothing for Ukraine. Especially for these sweet lovers, I want to remind you, the condition of Vladimir, took our state”

Schneider further suggests frightening numbers that definitely do not honor the ex-President.

Over 5 years of power Poroshenko Ukraine ranked:

– first place in Europe in terms of poverty.

– first place in Europe in terms of inflation.

– first place in Europe in terms of price growth.

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All the news

– first place in Europe in terms of the devaluation of the national currency.

– first place in the rating of the lowest European wages.

– first place in Europe in terms of corruption.

Украинцам раскрыли правду о "наследии" Порошенко: какая страна досталась Зеленскому

“It is in such a deplorable state Vladimir Zelensky took the state. To fix the mistakes of the previous government, will need some time. But I am sure that Vladimir will do it very quickly. The most important thing is willpower and a sincere desire to change Ukraine for the better. And these same qualities he has in full.” writes Schneider.

Some netizens supported the lawyer and others said that it is impossible to find the cause of the predecessors.

“What are You so in the extreme throws? Why just chocolate lovers that is beyond polarity, or this way or that way…!? It becomes funny.”, “I’m sorry. Do not think for parkalot. But otmazon that the past is ruined, and nothing new because this is not made very stupid. I would point out just what Zelensky only got a Parliament and to start to do something, but not to throw predecessors the stones”,

“In the list of “achievements” Poroshenko should be added and the difference (probably the biggest in the world), between the minimum of 4,000 and maximum of 2 and a half million UAH. official salary”, “same all Peterhouse was cimagala th wymaga from Novoabzakovo “our FSO” vivati quiet zachodu yaki VZHE Maglev,and the President DOSTATNO POVNOVAZHEN for DUZHE BAGATO COGOY, mi bacimo respond about PAPRIKA znovu th znovu!!! The people of TSE VZHE PROHODIL,mi all TSE VZHE CHULI!”.

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