Ukrainians Putin sent to the gas knockout: “don’t need”, details powerful slap

Украинцы отправили Путина в газовый нокаут: "не нужен", подробности мощной оплеухи

Prepares an unpleasant surprise for Ukraine to Vladimir Putin and it is a sore topic

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an unexpected surprise. It appears, from January 1, 2020 Ukraine is preparing to open another item to import an additional 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the territory of the European Union. It is reported by the company “Ukrtransgaz”, reports Radio Liberty.

From the above it follows that after the cessation of gas transit via Ukraine, Kiev will no longer need Russian gas.

According to “Ukrtransgaz” gas will come to our country from Romania across the common border of Ukraine with Moldova. On the ground both sides would be the border station for measuring the volume of fuel.

Украинцы отправили Путина в газовый нокаут: "не нужен", подробности мощной оплеухи

For Moldova and Ukraine the project bears strategic importance, because of the expansion of routes of gas supplies to guarantee uninterrupted supply of gas and increase reliability.

By the way, the gas transmission system in Ukraine provides for the export, so the pipeline must be upgraded, which is not excluded additional costs from the state budget.

We will remind, Putin ignores the internal problems of his country, causing discontent of the people. The President at the end of the summer met with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and visited France and Finland, planning to return to Russia in “the big game”.

However, the Russians are not interested because they are busy with their problems and would like government to pay attention to them.

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However in Moscow that will receive the status of “player” you need to return the Crimea and to stop the aggression against Ukraine.

According to political analyst Pavel Baev, Putin also didn’t want to contribute to the success of his Ukrainian opponent Vladimir Zelensky during the exchange of prisoners. After a young President in Kiev, causing him obvious discomfort.

Украинцы отправили Путина в газовый нокаут: "не нужен", подробности мощной оплеухи

Earlier we wrote that Oleg Sentsov reported a large puncture of the Russian special services. The Ukrainian Director said that being in a Russian prison he has completed several literary works and a scenario having filled 15 notebooks. Thus nobody forbade him to write. During the hunger strike Sentsov began to keep a diary and intelligence agencies were allowed to take him.

“I don’t know what will happen, how long it will last, 10 days, 15, 20, how it will be. And wrote everything that happened. Some memories, thoughts, stream,” — said Sentsov.

Recall, Sentsov said, go into politics.

As reported Politeka, Sentsov said about returning to the Crimea, a very strong statement: “only tanks”.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian touched photo Sentsov at large: another man, so did not see him.