Ukrainians massively deprived of benefits, all because of the “long-awaited” improvement: in the Cabinet made a scandalous statement

Украинцев массово лишат выплат, все из-за "долгожданного" повышения: в Кабмине сделали скандальное заявление

In Ukraine, want to raise grants a price reduction grants were awarded to

In the MES of Ukraine want to increase the amount of academic scholarship, but to make them less accessible.

According to the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Anna Novosad, it is necessary to increase the size of the scholarship, but to reduce the number of students who will get it.

Украинцев массово лишат выплат, все из-за "долгожданного" повышения: в Кабмине сделали скандальное заявление

“Academic scholarship is supposed to be something harder to get, but its amount should be more,” said Anna Novosad.

According to Novosad, the education Ministry has not yet made any concrete decisions on this issue in the next year the situation will not change, because the Verkhovna Rada has adopted the draft state budget.

The Minister believes that approaches to scholarship payments should be gradually gained.

Novosad said that at the moment, the Ministry is studying the costs of scholarships, and then to analyze them and make the best decision.

We will remind that Vladimir Zelensky has appointed a scholarship Vinnytsia 25-year-old artist Margarita Gorodovoy. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was appointed grants to writers, musicians, artists, dancers, artists of theatre, cinema and circus.

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In General, scholarships are awarded to 30 writers, 83 masters in the field of musical art, 14 Masterov in the field of theatre arts, 45 — the field of fine art, 13 artists in the field of circus and variety arts, and 24 in the field of cinema. Among them our compatriot, the artist Margaret Euronova.

We will remind that in Ukraine it is planned to introduce monitoring and verification of social payments. For “Effective targeted social support requires monitoring, automation and digitalization, deep Analytics for quality design programs to support families. As a result of better targeting and consolidation of financial resources”, – stated in the Cabinet.

Украинцев массово лишат выплат, все из-за "долгожданного" повышения: в Кабмине сделали скандальное заявление

Will check information required for obtaining pensions, allowances, benefits, subsidies, stipends and other payments at the expense of budget funds, funds of compulsory state social and pension insurance.

Monitoring will consist of three stages. The first will hold the authority to whom you turn for financial payment. For example, the Department of social protection. They make a statement, take all necessary documents for payment, will make the information into a single database and then get the data from it.

We will remind, the municipal disaster freeze Ukrainians who will stay with cold batteries.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians raised the price of gas, announced amount.

Also Politeka wrote that tariffs for communal listed: prepare your wallets.