Ukrainians massively decimated dangerous disease: “every third will Die”

Украинцев массово косит опасное заболевание: «Умрет каждый третий»

Cancer of the skin – melanoma annually kills 1,100 people in Ukraine

Doctors stress that this type of cancer is becoming more aggressive, reports TSN.

“We die 1100 patients, and in the USA – 8000. But in the United States are diagnosed with 80 thousand, and we have 3500,” said oncologist Sergey Korovin. That is, we die every third patient, and in America — only one of the eight. Therefore, the mortality rate is remarkable,” said oncologist Sergey Korovin.

It is noted that the main reason is late diagnosis, although this is one of the few types of cancer, which can be seen simply by looking at yourself in the mirror.

Украинцев массово косит опасное заболевание: «Умрет каждый третий»

The expert notes that the malignancy has uneven color, black color, jagged edges. Any dermatologist will tell you that it was a malignant melanoma.

Also signs are: if a pigmented spot increases; changes color; changes the shape. So then you need to see a doctor — he can clearly make a diagnosis and save your body.

At increased risk are people with fair skin, light eyes, blond or red hair, those who have many moles on the body. And even those who repeatedly sunburned in childhood. These people cannot tan even when using sunscreen.

Earlier it was reported that people in the future will not a very rosy predictions by some experts: Mass dementia and cancer.

Scientists whose research published in the journal The Lancet Global Health, included in the list of diabetes 2 diabetes type, cardiovascular disease, dementia (dementia) and cancer of the breast and colon. The cause of all ailments become insufficient physical activity. In order to avoid negative consequences, all people aged 18-64 years who encourages moderate loads of at least 150 minutes per week or heavy loads not less than 75 minutes.

We will remind, scientists have discovered that cancer can be identified by smell.

As reported Politeka, named 10 everyday things that provoke the appearance of the tumor.

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