Ukrainians made fun of “is” passport of the Russian Federation: “Twisted RAM’s horn”

Украинцы высмеяли «рекламу» паспортов РФ: «Скрутили в бараний рог»

In the Internet ridiculed “is” passport of the Russian Federation, which is shown directly on the rallies in honor of may day

Appropriate post posted blogger “Fascists Donetsk” on his Twitter page.

“Russian rebel posted a photo as it pack as a kitten. It is worthy of at least 158 likes”, — stated in the message.

The published photo shows that the young man had published a picture of his “twisted RAM’s horn” by the security forces. However, he signed it “my arrest.” This was the reason for caustic comments from the users of the network.

“Rebel fortress”, “salvaci-rebels. The best is their nationality, subject squats on you know what was not disclosed”, “the specials were going to pack”, “can you repeat that?”, “in Ukraine after this happened the Maidan. Dinnerat? Well, well”, “Terpily fucking”, “Mommy’s a rebel, damn it,” they write.

As previously reported, the attempts of the inhabitants of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” to get a passport of the Russian Federation should be nipped in the Bud.

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yury Grymchak proposed to punish those residents of Donbass, who are going to get and already have Russian passports.

In particular, the Deputy Minister suggested to cancel the Ukrainian passports to residents of the occupied Donbass, who received Russian citizenship.

Oyu he said this on air of one of TV channels of Ukraine:

“The Constitution States that Ukrainian should have only one citizenship — the citizenship of Ukraine, that is, the people who will receive or receive the citizenship of the Russian Federation can lose the citizenship of Ukraine…”.

Украинцы высмеяли «рекламу» паспортов РФ: «Скрутили в бараний рог»

Recall that “Donbass is Ukraine!”: Zelensky have responded harshly to Putin to issue Russian passports.

As reported Politeka, Tsymbalyuk has revealed real plans of Putin Zelensky: “Wait until the inauguration.”

Also Politeka wrote that surfaced the biggest problem Zelensky after the election: “the Test has begun.”