Ukrainians invented a new trap: associated with money and banks

Украинцам придумали новую ловушку: связано с деньгами и банками

Ukrainians may be forced to open accounts in the banks are looking to raise financial literacy

The Deputy head of the Board oschadbanka Anton Tyutyunov suggested to oblige Ukrainians to open accounts in banks. He stated on June 12 forum on financial inclusion (involvement in financial services).

According to Tyutyunov, the new law will give impetus to the development and literacy in the banking sector. Deputy Board notes that the account can be opened in any Bank, starting from the age of 16. As he assured, in this way, the population will become more competent in financial matters after a few years.

Украинцам придумали новую ловушку: связано с деньгами и банками

Although the idea now “sound tough”, but so Tyutyunov hopes to make economic policy “healthy”.

At the same time, banking experts do not tire of repeating that the banks were and are primarily commercial enterprises, the goal of which is profit. The more open accounts, the correspondingly greater opportunities for banks to extort from the Ukrainians money.

We will remind, Ukraine and Poland took 30 th place in the rating of financial literacy.

This became known after the publication of the results of a national survey of USAID (United States Agency for international development). So, the Ukrainians scored 11.6 points on the Index of financial literacy organization econometrically and development. The average among the 30 countries made up of 13.2.

Data were formed on the basis of estimates: financial knowledge (questions on interest and inflation, etc.), financial behavior (planning, savings), which related to Finance (short – and long-term thinking).

Knowledge and attitude of the Ukrainians is very low, in this regard, the average score related to financial issues, was only 2.4 points out of 5 and the average for other countries 3.3 points.

Украинцам придумали новую ловушку: связано с деньгами и банками

According to report author Robert Drake, low estimates for the ratio are due to unstable economic growth in the country — 2 crisis in 15 years, inflation and the depreciation of the hryvnia.

The lowest level of financial literacy observed in age group — 18 to 24 years. Participants gained only 10.6 points in contrast to a 12.1 — in the group from 25 to 34 years.

USAID offers to solve the problem by typing in the schools initiative on financial literacy. 70% of respondents reacted positively to this idea, because their children will be taught to manage their money.

In addition, sector head of financial literacy division of public relations and financial education, the DGF Olesya Schnitzer recently told — about 90% of the population of Ukraine do not maintain their own budget. People think that they remember all of their expenses, but when you start to write, there are some “holes” through which money could not flow out.

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced with the theft of money from the account.

As reported Politeka, Odessa deputies decided to take billion loan: what you will spend.

Also Politeka wrote, Ukrainians will distribute 10 thousand: who gets the funds and what needs to be done.