Ukrainians increase wages: the list of the lucky ones “soon”

Украинцам повышают зарплаты: появился список счастливчиков, «уже скоро»

In Ukraine, 10% will raise the salary

In the list of the lucky ones – certain categories of educators. About it reports the edition Yurliga.

It is known that the increase will take effect from September 1. More will be given to those who are already getting money from the educational subvention and that increase is not touched in 2018 year:

“We are talking about the educators of preschool institutions, extra-curricular, professional and vocational education.” The norms of inclusive education will be made available at the vet.

So we know, and that from January the teachers will be more extended vacation:

“Resolved, that will be 56 days instead of 42 days.”

Украинцам повышают зарплаты: появился список счастливчиков, «уже скоро»

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine from 1 January 2020, the teachers plan to raise the salaries of 20-70%. In July 2019, the Cabinet approved the reform of teachers ‘ remuneration, rising to four times the subsistence minimum minimum wage by 2023 — the decree provides for the following minimum salaries:

— in 2020-m — 2,5 living wage;

— in 2021-m — 3 living wage;

— in 2022-m — 3.5 the subsistence minimum;

— 2023 — 4 subsistence level.

Now the living wage is UAH 1936. For example, at the moment 4173 UAH receives the teacher of the kindergarten. If the kindergarten teacher has 21 years of experience, with allowances, his salary is 6509 UAH, and according to the planned innovations — it will get 9100 UAH.

We will remind, for two months of the presidency Zelensky the level of poverty in Ukraine has decreased significantly.

About this on his page in Facebook told blogger Michael Schneider. He made fun of a sad unfulfilled predictions of supporters ex-the guarantor of Petro Poroshenko.

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So the author of the article recalled that during the presidential elections voters were trying to distract from Vladimir Zelensky, scaring a financial disaster. In particular, the critical fall of the hryvnia. However, this did not happen, on the contrary, the national currency is steadily strengthening its position in the market.

“Friends, do you remember how before the second round of the presidential election, chocolate lovers, they threatened us with a terrible economic collapse and the dollar is at least 50, and even 100 hryvnia? So, today, the dollar continues to fall and has reached a level of 2016. While the average salary in Ukraine has set a new record and amounted to $ 410, topping the 2013 figure, ” — said Michael Schneider.

Украинцам повышают зарплаты: появился список счастливчиков, «уже скоро»
The blogger added that against this background Ukraine has dramatically risen in the world rankings. The welfare of the citizens it ahead of some European countries and the former Soviet Union.

“And by the way, I want to congratulate all of us. Today Ukraine is not the poorest state in Europe. On the level of wages, we are confident ahead of: Moldova, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. That’s such great news. I sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of a long journey to a successful and prosperous state. The main thing is not to slow down and not to give up. All you must succeed, guys, ” he concluded.

However, not all users share the enthusiasm of the author. So many Ukrainians have not yet felt the increase of salaries. But faced with rising prices against the background of a falling dollar:

“I don’t know at whom the salary is $ 410. 33 years of Pastaza salary 7000 USD “; “the Kazakhs have been living better than us. And the sense that the dollar is falling. Prices in local currency for the products is growing — that I as an employee trade claim “; “the depreciation is even worse for its growth. Nothing, except reduce your savings, it is not responsible, and therefore do not need to RUB the ears.”

We will remind, Zelensky made a surprise offer to Putin.

As reported Politeka team Zelensky is preparing a “leap” that will forever change the lives of Ukrainians details.

Also Politeka wrote that the dollar is strong “spread their wings”, the hryvnia lost