Ukrainians have a surprise with a new payoff: “not as before”

Украинцам приготовили сюрприз с новыми выплатами: "не будет, как раньше"

The Ukrainians reported that they expect new payments, and experts explained how to get more

Ukrainians increasingly changing their pensions to another type. Experts told us how to get great social benefits and how to elect more profitable.

This was told in the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

The issue of transition may occur due to the fact that the payments appointed to citizens of the country on retirement, disability or survivor, and the choice of a variant may be more advantageous for Ukrainians.

Украинцам приготовили сюрприз с новыми выплатами: "не будет, как раньше"

“According to article 10 of the law of Ukraine № 1058-IV dated 09.07.2003 “On compulsory state pension insurance”, the person who has the right to different kinds of pensions (age, disability, the survivor) is assigned one of these types of pension according to his choice. While you may wish to change the type of pension. In order to determine the feasibility of transition from one pension to another, you need to contact the office of the Pension Fund paying the pension,” — said in the message Department.

After submitting the application and necessary documents, the Ukrainians from the same day will pay the new amount payments.

The accrual of new pension will be made based on the experience of citizens, income, etc..

Thus, when changing the type of pension at the request of the citizen can take into account wages for the periods of insurance specified in the legislation.

Украинцам приготовили сюрприз с новыми выплатами: "не будет, как раньше"

“If the person after the appointment of the disability pension continued to work and acquired at least 24 months of insurance experience after appointment (recalculation) of pension regardless of interruptions in the translation for the first time since disability pensions to old-age pension applies the average wage for the previous three years”, — said the representative of the Pension Fund.

I should add also that the government is considering the introduction of the 13th pension, to help people with significant insurance experience.

Also, the government said that pensions of servicemen and representatives of law enforcement agencies will double as a result of gradual increase in pension payments.

Recall that thousands of Ukrainians will not receive the promised subsidies, but there is one “loophole”

As reported Politeka, became known, who receives more than 40 thousand hryvnia per month pension.

Tackle Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians received bills with fake debts.