“Ukrainians go to *PP”: Dorenko roughly expressed about Ukraine

«Украинцы, идите в *опу»: Доренко грубо высказывался об Украине

Crashed on a motorcycle journalist Sergei Dorenko was an ardent propagandist of Russian

It 2014 tons drove the Kremlin’s propaganda, the Ukrainians sending the message and calling us “idiotika-neighbors”.

Dorenko has repeatedly noted that citizens of Ukraine “bought and resold” the oligarchs that our country is “out of fashion” and we Russians are tired. His rhetoric all those years properly fit into the framework of the official Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine.

«Украинцы, идите в *опу»: Доренко грубо высказывался об Украине

Needless to say, Dorenko said in his broadcasts and interviews that “Ukraine is a civil war” and the events on the Maidan he called “an epileptic revolt”.

Meanwhile, he noted that in 2014 with the introduction of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the standard of living in the country subsided.

“We have problems dobrinishe. We have with the economy is bad. The economy is garbage, rubbish, falling apart, and it will be worse, I think. The ruble fell to 70% tin. And we have at hand idiotika neighbors writhe on the floor in paranoia” – ranted advocate, not forgetting to add, what the Russians this Ukrainian “paranoia” will not give in.

Dorenko said that the people of Russia were watching us all this time and “already ate all the popcorn”. In the end, we were tired.

“Well, I got your Ukraine us, you know? It happens. Neighbors, our brothers uterine, Ukrainians, go to *PP! All the best to you”, – concluded Dorenko.

Note that for these and similar statements in 2015 in respect of the Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko Main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine commenced pre-judicial production.

As the press service of the interior Ministry of Ukraine, called Dorenko to change the territorial integrity of our country.

Law enforcement officers established the fact of distribution of the publication entitled “Sergei Dorenko: the Best way for Ukraine — the separation of” containing calls for change of state borders of Ukraine and violation of territorial integrity.

«Украинцы, идите в *опу»: Доренко грубо высказывался об Украине

“Central, southern and Eastern Ukraine are part of Russia’s regions without any stupid autonomy. Western Ukraine goes to hell, and everyone is happy. What’s wrong with the idea?” — lead in the press service of citation from the publication.

Such actions will be dealt with in accordance with part 1 of article 110 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Intentional acts committed for the purpose of modifying the boundaries of the territory or state border of Ukraine in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine, and also public appeals or distribution of materials calling for such actions). This offense includes the restriction of liberty for a term up to three years.

However, the “reward” has found its hero. Sergei Dorenko died in Moscow on 9 may, falling from the motorcycle.

Recall that after the tragic death of Sergei Dorenko caught on camera: “flying obliquely”.

As reported Politeka, Dorenko has published a controversial post about Russia on the eve of death: “Need to finish”.

Also Politeka wrote that Max Barskih broke the silence after the accident: “I used to…”.