Ukrainians finally told the truth about the main promise Groisman: “Almost impossible”

Украинцам наконец сказали правду о главном обещании Гройсмана: «Практически невозможно»

The Ukrainians told the truth about the program for free diagnostics, which promised to launch Volodymyr Groysman

This was announced by the Chairman of the National service of health of Ukraine Oleg Petrenko, transfers “Ukrainian truth”.

“Now I can absolutely honestly say that I have no confidence that we start on 1 July. All due to the fact that there are a lot of technical aspects. We launched the Declaration, then launched the electronic prescription, and here it is necessary to run the electronic direction. Assessment of the readiness of institutions of different levels, particularly the secondary, to work with electronic instruments showed us that the technology to do that before 1 July it will be almost impossible”, — he said.

Украинцам наконец сказали правду о главном обещании Гройсмана: «Практически невозможно»

Thus, according to Petrenko, now the issue in relation to the time at koroe will be a delayed start.

“Outpatient specialized care will be part program medical 100% guarantee that it will work in 2020 – it is unique. Will it run the pilot this year and from what period I cannot say,” he said.

Note that the program announced personally by Vladimir Groisman in the beginning of this year.

“From 1 July 2019 the Government introduces a program “free diagnosis”, which includes 54 species research. Among them 20 tests, 6 ultrasounds, 4 types of biopsy, mammography, 5 types of x-rays, surgery one day on,” he argued.

Especially for this purpose in the budget of Ukraine was based on two billion hryvnias.

As previously reported, the fashion editor of gloss Valeria Kwasniewska about the horror faced with the hospitalization of her infant daughter in the Kiev hospital. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

One-year-old Emma entered the hospital Department of Pediatrics a few days ago. While the child was diagnosed, the girl rolls over temperature. She had a blood transfusion.

After a while it turned out that the baby is in the next room with a child infected with measles. In addition, the mother and daughter faced with the shocking treatment of the medical staff in the intensive care unit.

Украинцам наконец сказали правду о главном обещании Гройсмана: «Практически невозможно»

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