Ukrainians can write off billions of debt: the Zelensky revealed details of the plan

Украинцам могут списать миллиарды долгов: у Зеленского раскрыли детали плана

In a team of Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, said about debt relief for entrepreneurs

The new President and his aides are thinking about to decommission natural persons-entrepreneurs 7.4 billion hryvnias of debt on payment of the single social contribution, beginning in 2016. This was announced by adviser to the Guarantor of the Constitution on economic issues and taxes Danil Getmantsev.

Earlier he had stated that the team Zelensky is working on a bill that will free entrepreneurs from the SST if they do not operate.

Украинцам могут списать миллиарды долгов: у Зеленского раскрыли детали плана

“A significant portion of these FLP – sleeping. The problem is the introduction of “poll tax” on FLP in 2016, was the fact that many had to be closed without any transition period, even those who really worked, but, for example, a seasonal,” said Getmantsev.

He also adds that before the adoption of the bill plans to discuss with the public. Writing off these debts must relate to the sleeping Phil, while those who paid the fee, recalculated to make them will not. After all, most likely, they made similar personal interests.

Украинцам могут списать миллиарды долгов: у Зеленского раскрыли детали плана

“There are many people who really are not operated. There are those who have registered PE in 2014-2015 and forgot about them. Them all this time nobody said anything, now after three years, when it held the Statute of limitations on these charges, remember them and send the tax notice, and really nothing can be done, because really by law they have to pay. It seems to us that it is wrong to pay the tax for activities that are not carried out” — said Getmantsev.

Previously, we reported that Nadezhda Savchenko wants to be a part of a new team Zelensky. The well-known politician and people’s Deputy of Ukraine hopes that it will offer the post of defense Minister or foreign Minister.

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