Ukrainians began to consume more ice cream

Most Ukrainians love the classic sundae, which is becoming 80% of the domestic consumers.

Українці стали більше споживати морозива

Falling income levels forced domestic buyers to temporarily switch to cheaper types of ice cream. The market is gradually returning to pre-crisis levels, despite the reduction in the number of consumers, this means that the average Ukrainian is buying ice cream all the more. This is reported by experts of Pro-Consulting, informs Rus.Media.

A sharp increase in temperature in April 2018 has led to the rapid growth of demand for cold dessert and his production in this month amounted to about 20 thousand tons. This explains the large increase compared with the beginning of last year. In the future it is expected a flattening of performance and output at the final level of annual growth of 5-10%.

Українці стали більше споживати морозива

For consumers, the main criteria in the selection of ice cream is its taste, packaging and shelf life. Most Ukrainians love the classic sundae, which is becoming 80% of the domestic consumers. On the second place by popularity of ice cream with fruit toppings. Gradually increasing the number of buyers of organic ice cream, which, despite a higher price, does not contain artificial additives and more healthy.

The most popular form of packing ice cream – wafer-Cup, slightly inferior to him a Popsicle. Among the trends of recent years – the growth of sales of ice cream in bulk on the street and increase demand for ice cream in a big family pack.

Українці стали більше споживати морозива

Overall, the results of the analysis of the ice cream market in Ukraine are evidence of its high degree of resilience in the crisis. Even in difficult times, the Ukrainians do not greatly reduce the consumption of these treats, and move on to the cheaper segment. Raising the standard of living of the population as a result of the recovery of the economy gives an impetus for further qualitative and quantitative development of the market.

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