Ukrainians began surveillance with the help of television: what information Google knows and Facebook

За украинцами начали слежку с помощью телевизоров: какую информацию знает Google и Facebook

Smart TVs are sending personal information about users to third parties

To such conclusion came from Princeton University, where he conducted an independent analysis of “smart” TVs, has found that some of the apps for Roku and FireTV submit personal information about users with other companies, including even such a giant as Google.

And although in the past Google has said that any information they collect (we are talking about illegal surveillance), this time the company will not be able to get out, so how about gathering information users didn’t know.

За украинцами начали слежку с помощью телевизоров: какую информацию знает Google и Facebook

A number of models of smart TVs, including Samsung devices and LG devices as well as Roku and Amazon FireTV, send Netflix and other third-party advertisers information about the location and IP address of the user. In addition, these data fall into the hands of third party companies that do targeted advertising.

The TV gives information to third parties about when and how much time the owner spends at home.

However, in Google, Facebook and Netflix confirmed the collection of information.

We have previously reported that Kiev is ranked among the top 50 cities, the number of installed on the public institutions of the cameras. Private CCTV systems in accounting were not accepted, as stated in the results of the study.

За украинцами начали слежку с помощью телевизоров: какую информацию знает Google и Facebook

According to estimates of the British company, the capital of Ukraine 6.2 thousand surveillance cameras. This differs from data of the KSCA. Those inflate this figure to 7 thousand.

According to officials, what is the number of cameras helps fight crime and congestion. It is terrible to imagine the situation in Kiev without a camera, according to managers of the capital.

Total in Kiev counted camera of 2.1 per thousand people. This is number 49 among all cities in the world. Champion, has become the Chongqing from China. There are 15 million inhabitants, 2.5 million cameras.

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