Ukrainians are obliged to pay more: new debt drove people into a corner

Украинцев обязуют платить больше: новые требования по кредитам загнали людей в угол

The national Bank has tightened the requirements on loans

The Ukrainians now will be extremely not easy to get a Bank loan.

New system of loan approved by the NBU resolution No. 70, which will be applied in test mode since 1 July 2019 and will become mandatory from 1 December of the same year.

This writes the UBR:

“The document requires banks to take into account data from the Credit registry of the National Bank – as you know, it collects information about loans during the calculation of the credit risk before issuing loans. The rule and procedure will also apply to enterprises and people”.

“New” credit consists of 10 classes that calculate, assessing the borrower — namely its ability to repay the loan. Credit risk will be calculated when issuing any loan:

“In fact, the person or enterprise receives points according to various characteristics. If these points are not enough, they are denied the loan, if there is enough — they get money,” — analysts stress.

Украинцев обязуют платить больше: новые требования по кредитам загнали людей в угол

Earlier, banks were not required to consider information from Natsbankovskih registry when assigning the credit score. Now – this will become a mandatory requirement.

It is noteworthy that the decree No. 70 provides that: banks will be required to assess individuals and legal entities for the worst class of the debtor — if the Credit register of the Bank has information about credit-payment from other banks. Also will report a late payment:

“If you find yourself in the worst class is the verdict. Credit will not give. Otherwise, the Bank will be accused of risky activities, be fined or even disbarred”.

The financiers will now become even more likely to refuse to provide new loans — Bank lending in General will become even more inaccessible.

As previously reported, the international monetary Fund has considered how to strengthen the economy of Ukraine in this and the next few years. The Fund in his report, reported that in 2019 the GDP growth of our country will amount to 2.7%, inflation – 8%, the current account deficit is 2.5% and unemployment will be at 8.5%.

The forecast for 2020 is more optimistic: GDP is 3%, inflation – 5.9%, a current account deficit of 2.4%, unemployment to 8.1%.

Украинцев обязуют платить больше: новые требования по кредитам загнали людей в угол

The IMF also gave a more distant forecast for 2024. GDP is projected at 3.3 percent, inflation of 5% and the current account deficit at 2.6%.

The Fund is largely pessimistic in assessing the dynamics of global economic development. The recovery is projected only in the second half of 2019.

Recall also, the world Bank downgraded forecasts for GDP growth of Ukraine in 2019. According to the world Bank, he will fall from 2.9% to 2.7%. This is stated in his official report of the April “On the economies of Europe and Central Asia”.

Similarly, Analytics not for the first time since the beginning of the year reduced their assessments in January, the world Bank reduced the expected rate from 3.0% to 2.9%.

But according to some experts, in the following years the country’s economy will grow at an accelerated pace: in 2020 the GDP growth will amount to 3.4%, and in 2021-m to 3.7%.

Recall that the dollar and the Euro “heavy”: the national Bank once again weakened the local currency.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told about cooperation with the IMF: “All in the balance.”

Also Politeka wrote that the currency market panicked, the money ran out: “the rate rose, the exchange offices are closed.”