Ukrainians angered “sale” from Lutsenko: “the Golden loaf is not enough”

Украинцев разгневала «распродажа» от Луценко: «Золотого батона не хватает»

Network scandal over the sale, which gave the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko

This is stated on the page “the Ministry of Lustration” in Facebook.

“Today I learned that Yury Lutsenko decided to sell my stuff. Tell me, what’s wrong with that? Conventional political figure decided to sell their small possessions. Maybe he sees no political future in this country. Friends, and possessions, there is not small. They are there 10-20 million dollars. You tell me – where did corruption fighter such property? A real fighter against corruption, such as Yuri V., is able to restore order in the country”, — the statement says.

Украинцев разгневала «распродажа» от Луценко: «Золотого батона не хватает»

Moreover, the Ukrainians told where the anti-corruption come from such “wealth”.

“He ordered every corrupt official to pay him a tithe. A quarter or a half. In consequence of which he had the Mercedes, offices, apartments, villas. But of course he will say that it’s not him,” he said.

In the opinion of the users of the network, in a situation lacking only the “Golden baton”, as in ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

As previously reported, near the house of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko near Kiev staged a mutiny.

The housing head of the GPU arrived representatives of the initiative “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk,” for easing the suspicions of the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Manger, who is accused of ordering the beating Gandzyuk, not killing her.

The action lasted half an hour. It was attended by about fifty people. There were also representatives of national police.

“Such actions of the activists are forced to use because of the change of suspicion Vladislav Manger for the organization of murder for the organization of intentional serious bodily injury, and due to the lack of the suspicions of two members of the BPP and former leaders of Kherson region Andrey Gordeev and Eugene Resume”, — told in the comment of the lawyer and the participant Masi Nye.

“It is necessary to resort to such actions, because so far there is no response from the attorney General. He still has not commented on, in connection with which the new circumstances have changed him suspicion. And at the same time, GPO representative Andriy Lysenko argues that changing the suspicions of the manger agreed with the family and lawyers of the deceased, which according to my sources, is not true,” he says.

According to the person presented by the representative of the State security service, Lutsenko was not at home, he was at work. Also in the house was not one of his family members.

How to make a million: Layfpak from Yury Lutsenko.

Posted by Minsterstvo Lustrac on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Recall that one of the Kherson officials decided “on the run” because of the murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

As reported Politeka, one of the defendants in the case about the murder of Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk decided to “run away” from his post.

Also Politeka wrote that crying at the tomb of father Gandzyuk touched the Ukrainians.