Ukrainian workers stopped the infernal element and became heroes in Poland: the video spread around the network

Украинские заробитчане остановили адскую стихию и стали героями в Польше: видео облетело сеть

Ukrainian Polish workers saved the village from a terrible fire

The forest broke out July 3 near the village Belch Górna, in the South-West of Poland, reports TVP.Info.

While firefighters were responding to a call, the Ukrainians branches, shovels and sand to extinguish the fire to fire had not reached the village.

“The most important thing happened in the first half hour. They put out more than 500-700 m of the territory, where was the fire using shovels and branches. If not for the heroic actions and efforts of Ukrainian citizens, the forest would be burned down and the fire could even walk to the houses”, — wrote in Facebook Anna Couch.

Украинские заробитчане остановили адскую стихию и стали героями в Польше: видео облетело сеть

“The actions of these men deserve respect and recognition,” — said the representative of the local management of the fire service Marcin Clefs.

Bełcz Górny, województwo dolnośląskie, Polska, 30.06.2019

Bohaterska postawa grupy przy gaszeniu pożaru Ukraińców w miejscowości Bełcz Góny w województwie dolnośląskim w dniu 30 czerwca.Pani Ania Sauć pisze:”Grupa Ukrainców gasząca idący ogień w głąb lasu. Najważniejsze było pierwsze pół godziny pożaru, gdzie za pomocą szpadli, kopanego piachu i gałęzi ugasić udało się ponad 500 — 700 nautical sea linii ognia trawiącego las jeszcze przed przyjazdem straży pożarnej, która zaraz po przyjeździe gasiła resztę ognia i palące pnie drzew się. Gdyby nie bohaterska postawa i wysiłek Obywateli Ukrainy uważam, że las spłonąłby, a ognień mogłby dojśc nawet do domów”.Dziękuję za nadesłanie!

Posted by Kataklizmy w Polsce i na świecie on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Earlier it was reported that our compatriot became a hero in Poland. The man was unable to drive past a large-scale accident. He rushed to help people trapped in burning cars. Managed to pull out of the salon a woman and two children.

A terrible accident occurred on Sunday, June 9, in Poland. It is reported that the accident injured truck TIR and passenger cars. The collision 6 people died, 16 were injured. It is possible that the casualties would have been greater if not for the timely assistance of a driver of a Ukrainian by the name of Andrew.

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“I got out of the car, took the extinguisher and went to one of the cars on the right. It was two women and two children. We pulled these people out of the car. Suddenly we heard a scream, someone left a smashed window and pulled the driver of the truck,” he told local media hero-Ukrainian.

Украинские заробитчане остановили адскую стихию и стали героями в Польше: видео облетело сеть

In an accident is to blame 35-year-old truck driver. He is detained. If the court proves his guilt, to the man threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

Recall, the fire happened in Kiev, black smoke filled the center, people in panic: more details and photos.

As reported Politeka, a massive fire destroyed more than 150 homes.

Politeka also wrote that the truck blew up, dozens of charred bodies in the road: footage of the tragedy.