Ukrainian women debunked myths about women’s health: “must know each”

Украинкам развенчали мифы о женском здоровье: "должна знать каждая"

Ulyana Suprun told what measures should be taken to relieve pain during menstruation

Many women suffer from severe pain during menstruation. Ulyana Suprun shared tips on how to deal with it and tell what are the features of this pain syndrome. Appropriate post posted it on his page in Facebook.

According to Suprun, painful periods doctors call dysmenorrhea, and they are, according to various sources, characteristic for 42-95% of women. It is noted that the dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary, and depends on the way how to cope with it.

In primary dysmenorrhea pain can accompany a woman from the beginning of menstruation to the last day. Suprun told how to relieve primary dysmenorrhea, if not to get rid of it: “Effective are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that prevent the formation of prostaglandins (aspirin, ibuprofen, mefenamic acid) and analgesic (paracetamol)”.

At the same time, says Suprun, can help hormones. But they should take only after a medical examination, in order not to harm yourself.

“Secondary dysmenorrhea occurs in 10% of women with painful periods. It develops after 25-30 years or at least after the sex,” continued Suprun.

Украинкам развенчали мифы о женском здоровье: "должна знать каждая"

Украинкам развенчали мифы о женском здоровье: "должна знать каждая"


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Украинкам развенчали мифы о женском здоровье: "должна знать каждая"

Such pain can arise at any stage of menstruation. At the same severe symptoms as in the first case is not observed. Woman only care about severe pain.

Such pain is treated combined oral contraceptives or other forms of hormonal contraceptives, surgical intervention, antibiotics in case of infection, and in severe cases – removal of the uterus.

According to Suprun will help to reduce the pain and other methods. For example, in the diet can be to add more nuts, fish and vegetables. She also advises not to refuse intimate relations in this period.

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