Ukrainian suddenly died in Russia: details of fatal PE

Украинец внезапно погиб в России: детали смертельного ЧП

A thrill-seeker from Ukraine collapsed unconscious during a difficult trip to Russia

On 5 may it became known about the death of Ukrainians in the mountains. The press service of the Russian emergencies Ministry has published details of a deadly emergency.

According to preliminary data rescuers Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the Ukrainian climber suddenly lost consciousness while climbing on mount Elbrus. A message about the man 1985 year of birth, victim to a height of 3.5 thousand meters was received in the regional control centre in crisis situations around 11 hours.

Украинец внезапно погиб в России: детали смертельного ЧП

As it became known to rescuers, a native of Ukraine was killed — he noticed no signs of life. It is likely that the man can still pull from the world. Despite this, the experts went to evacuate the climber. His aid sent 14 employees of the Elbrus helicopter search and rescue squad and two units of equipment.

Previously a terrible death had overtaken the Ukrainian during a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Man killed by propeller of a motor boat in the Caribbean. Local media learned the details from the witnesses. It is known that tourists vacationing in the resort together with his wife. A few days later, the couple had to return home.

Traglia happened to the resident of Ukraine in the small town of Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. Research suggests Ukrainian dived when he sailed the boat. Screw hooked resting and inflicted many fatal injuries.

Украинец внезапно погиб в России: детали смертельного ЧП

And in the Lviv region the groom died a month after the wedding due to the fact that he sold a kidney. 20-year-old boy parted with an important body to get money for the wedding ceremony. He stated that he went to work abroad and brought back 15 thousand dollars. But to enjoy family life the guy doesn’t have time.

only after the death of the young man’s relatives learned the truth, when I saw the scar after the donor operation. Law enforcement authorities claim that cases of organ trafficking is almost impossible to trace. In addition, Ukrainians often go to sell a kidney to Ecuador, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, which further complicates the investigation.

We will remind, has left the life of the legendary Ukrainian: “It’s all very loved.”

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