Ukrainian students prepare an innovation that will change a lot: what to prepare

Украинским школьникам готовят нововведение, которое многое изменит: к чему готовиться

The Minister of education of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych answered questions from parents regarding the new school year

The Minister of education Liliya Hrynevych told about the new rules and the features of the upcoming school year, answering questions of Facebook users.

However, she noted, is that it can only occur in the form of experiments. In pilot schools, which were the first to introduce integrated courses, the greatest success was a combination of history of Ukraine and world history, because they are mainly taught by one teacher.

Украинским школьникам готовят нововведение, которое многое изменит: к чему готовиться

“To study a number of subjects, and today we have high school students studying 23-24 of the subject, it is very difficult and the main thing — do not give them the opportunity to focus on those items that they need to prepare for external independent evaluation. And so we follow what should be the palette of proposals, among which you may choose the teaching Council in accordance with the nature of the institution or even individual classes on specific profiles, ” said the Minister.
She also noted that the Ministry is trying to promote the integration of subjects especially in elementary school, particularly in first class.

“Because a little child who comes to school, complete picture of the world feels and understands better than when it start to break up. That is why there were a course “I am exploring the world” when through the relevant topics child receives the necessary knowledge and skills from different fields and industries, ” the Minister said.

Украинским школьникам готовят нововведение, которое многое изменит: к чему готовиться
However, Liliya Hrynevych stressed that the full integration of school subjects necessary to prepare teachers. According to her, to do it in elementary school is easier because children are taught by one teacher.

“If we’re talking about teachers of natural subjects, where there is a physicist, chemist and biologist, and are acceptable in the Humanities Lyceum, where children focus on other things and would like to choose one integrated course. The question is — who will teach? It is necessary to train teachers. There are examples in the leading educational systems, which is an integrated STEM course, but in addition may be taught a separate subject physics, chemistry or biology, as an in-depth. That is, there must be different models to choose from “- concluded the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich.

Earlier it was reported that in the new year students and their parents expect a lot of innovations. They have already announced the Ministry of education of Ukraine.

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