Ukrainian students forced to study on the programme are doctors of Sciences: “racking my brain”

Украинских школьников заставили учиться по программе докторов наук: "ломают мозг"

Many of the problems and equations that offer textbooks can’t solve even the parents of students

Vcra parents outraged by new school program for middle and high school. If the New Ukrainian school in 2018-2019 introduced a simplified program for first-graders, the senior students were not so lucky.

Visit unity “SOS Parents” in Facebook has led to heated debate and as one among the users believe that the current curriculum is not just difficult and confusing for children, and literally breaks their brain. After all, with many tasks, for example, which offers a textbook for 7-9 grades, can’t handle even the parents who have honors.

So about the situation spoke first user and mother of a 7-klassnitsa Anna Nedelko.

Украинских школьников заставили учиться по программе докторов наук: "ломают мозг"

“Analysis of the situation (after the two free days that were partially killed to help fill a child missed weeks) homework a pupil of the 7th class of biology and chemistry:

— 3 paragraphs of text with a incomplete number of new words/definitions/terms on each page.

1 task a writing: in print notebook, but for some reason on the blank page, partially distorted assignments from the textbook, which three days trying to find someone from classmates and then found one class (done with tutor)

— 2 writing task not done together. I did half the night. Find out the definition of descriptions: found one once in the last paragraph; second in 4 paragraphs earlier, even 4 — putting all your knowledge (and then confirming the Internet in GDZ) and time wasted in search of another 4 paragraphs on each of the 4 points.

Conclusion.. the children do not perform. In the best case looking for in GDZ” — says the woman.

Украинских школьников заставили учиться по программе докторов наук: "ломают мозг"

The same situation arose during homework in chemistry. According to the woman, they helped the whole family and it became clear that the child will not understand.

“And now the main question: why in 7th grade to give items (not just these) at this level? Do teachers not see the absurdity of such demands, do not see what requirements textbooks do not meet the preceding material?”, — resents Anna.

The woman was supported by the majority of parents, because many the same situation at home. Moreover claim not only to these two objects, but also others and even in Junior high.

Украинских школьников заставили учиться по программе докторов наук: "ломают мозг"

“In normal countries back in high school compulsory subjects 7 and not 15. And chemistry with biology is not among them”, — says Irina bass. This, for example, Israel, a country with the highest biotechnology and medicine. Who’s taking electives and donate these items on their analog set. Physics — there”.

“The increased amount of workload (number of hours in school), increased the amount of material that should learn the child, hampered the flow of this material,” — said Alexander Poyarkov.

“Only one terminology at the level of the doctors is worth. And the presentation of material …. And if the teacher is not of God and children not given ….”, — adds Yulia Kotova.

Recall that in Ternopil region there was a terrible emergency, the children made unexpected.

As reported Politeka, the teacher was severely beaten during an attack on a kindergarten.

Also Politeka wrote that the teacher assaulted the student during a lesson.