Ukrainian startups are conquering Europe: the final large selection made it four draft

Our compatriots came up with projects that will help to find work, secure payments and even choose glasses

Украинские стартапы покоряют Европу: в финал крупного отбора пробилось четыре проекта

While technology trends gaining popularity in the business world, four Ukrainian startups will participate in the final selection of the largest B2B accelerator in Europe. After the presentation, which took place on August 29 in the finals three Ukrainian SaaS startup and one Fintech startup, reports “Economic truth”.

Among them:

  • StudyDive — marketplace short-term and long-term educational programs

The creators of the startup already tried in government projects ProZorro and e-Health, and decided to do my own project, which they called “ in education”. According to one of the co-founders of the project of Yuriy Bugay, Ukrainian companies can certainly become an example for the world that had already shown their previous projects.

  • Zirity – web and mobile AR app to try on glasses in real time

The application helps customer to choose the appropriate form of points and in parallel, based on the collected information, creates a tool for recommendations.

“I came into the store and realized that people measure glasses front. Technology can make a cheap, quick and easy. And she will respond to all requests”,– said founder of startup Irina Pulvis.

Unlike similar apps that digitize the 3D model points Zirity shows the 2D model, reducing, thus, costs to a minimum.

  • NuWork – HR-application for job search for people in starting positions without experience or with minimal experience on geolocation

“The person is not interested in thousand of vacancies in Kyiv, he is interested in two, but somewhere near” – said the co-founder of the project Andrey Baskakov.

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According to the creators, the applicant of such application can save money on travel, which is important in the initial stages when wages are low.

“According to the observations of large companies, people who live close to work, happier, and helps companies to save on extra motivation”, – said Baskakov.

Geologic Group is a geolocation solution to enhance the security level of provision of banking services

“It is a supplementary tool which cannot guarantee 100% protection, but helps to prevent of the fraudulent transactions, the banks save money on compensation, and clients to be more relaxed for their money”, – notes the Product Owner Denis Lapac.

As noted by the CEO of Startup Wise Guys Cristobal Alonso, the Ukrainians have already shown one of the highest rates of “survival” at the end of acceleration programs, Startup Wise Guys.

“In the next two years we plan to invest between 1 and 2 million Euro to the development of Ukrainian SaaS and Fintech startups”, says Alonso.

The accelerator was founded in 2012 in Estonia. It is one of the largest investors in the Northern, Central and Eastern Europe in the company at an early stage of development.

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