Ukrainian star pretty shocked candid photo: “the Cut to the priests”

Украинская звезда-красавица ошарашила откровенным фото: "Разрез до попы"

Star of the TV series “School” Lisa Vasilenko, who played Lola, shared the racy photos

So, on his page in social network Instagram Liza Vasylenko published a photo from one of the restaurants of Kiev, which is on the roof.

Украинская звезда-красавица ошарашила откровенным фото: "Разрез до попы"

The shots of the girl posing in a red mini-topic, off-the neck, shoulders and stomach, and the skirt with the slit up to the hips. Your bow it complements the massive earrings and pale pink shoes.

Lisa Vasilenko in this manner demonstrated a trim slender figure.

“You tell me what name you would never name my child?”, — asked the subscribers under the photo, the actress.

Украинская звезда-красавица ошарашила откровенным фото: "Разрез до попы"

Followers began with great enthusiasm to answer the question of celebrity in the comments. They also expressed a lot of compliments Lisa.

“Beautiful,” “Chic”, “Sexy”, “Slit to the priests”, — write fans.

Earlier it was reported that the aspiring actress Lisa Vasilenko, known for the TV series “School”, have exchanged the actor-colleague on the series on the player. The young actress, who played schoolgirl-blogers in the popular series, broke up with her boyfriend and started Dating a new.

Украинская звезда-красавица ошарашила откровенным фото: "Разрез до попы"

In 2017, the screens out the new youth series “School”, which gained a huge following and has become incredibly popular. One of the main characters of the film was blogger Lola, played by aspiring actress Lisa Vasilenko. In the story, she meets the most popular guy in school – pashas. He played a young TV presenter Sasha Petrenko.

As it turned out, the relationship the guys have started outside the shooting area. The actors met over several months and even spent Valentine’s Day. Until about a week ago on his official page in Instagram Sasha said that their couple broke up.

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