Ukrainian star first talked about the luxury wedding in the United States: “done all my crying”

Украинская звезда впервые рассказала о роскошной свадьбе в США: "Отплакала"

Ukrainian singer Mika Newton first talked about their wedding

Singer Mika Newton, who has long lived in America, back in December 2018 married. The chosen star became an American Chris, reports

Украинская звезда впервые рассказала о роскошной свадьбе в США: "Отплакала"

But only now Newton commented on his personal life and creative plans.

The star admitted that she met her future lover at the supermarket and long to examine his strength. And only after four and a half years of relationship the couple decided to finally legitimize feelings.

Украинская звезда впервые рассказала о роскошной свадьбе в США: "Отплакала"

The wedding took place in USA, gathered all relatives of Mickey, except my sister, who was denied a us visa.

“It’s just very sad. Done all my crying. Well, that’s really. Was everything, only not it” – commented the singer.

Украинская звезда впервые рассказала о роскошной свадьбе в США: "Отплакала"

Wedding Chris has prepared a special sweetheart surprise. The man together with friends has learned a few moves and danced Ukrainian folk dance.

“Ukrainian hopak very same sport. But there were guys who are not very athletic. We have even torn his pants. So the guys were dancing, the costumes could not take it anymore, ” — said Mika Newton.

Украинская звезда впервые рассказала о роскошной свадьбе в США: "Отплакала"

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Thus, it became known that the famous actress Jennifer Lawrence have legalized your relationship with your boyfriend art dealer Cooke Maroney.

The couple was spotted at the office, registration of marriage, in Manhattan, new York. There they came with the guards, his friend and photographer mark Seliger.

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Obviously, representatives for the actress has decided not to disseminate information about the wedding couple, as the wedding they had planned in the next month.

It is worth noting that the affair between the pair began in 2018. In may 2019, they celebrated their engagement. The actress has repeatedly stated that he would like to lead a quiet life away from Hollywood. Her dream to buy a small farm and milking goats.

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