Ukrainian soldiers made a breakthrough in the Donbas: “Closer to victory”, the details and footage of triumph

Украинские бойцы совершили прорыв на Донбассе: «Ближе к победе», подробности и кадры триумфа

Ukrainian military managed to regain an important height in the Donbass

The important victory of the APU said in his Telegram-channel Ukrainian military correspondent Andrew Tsaplienko. According to him, soldiers of the United forces of the 46 battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” managed to repel the Russian invaders of territory near the village of Kalinovo.

“At 1000 meters closer to victory. Was a landing near the village of Kalinovo. Out of the extreme houses are separable and shot out of the landing on the Ukrainians. But one morning they woke up, went to the landing and saw those in one shot. Ran a separable back in a new building, called for the support of tanks and artillery to reclaim the lost forest belt. But this morning, someone very precise turned their positions into debris and their equipment for scrap,” — said the journalist.

He also shared footage of the fight and added that reclaimed areas are of special value. Now under the control of the APU are the high ground above Kalinovo. The differential in favor of the Ukrainian soldiers is 59 meters, that allows them to see the rebels, when they do not see them.

Украинские бойцы совершили прорыв на Донбассе: «Ближе к победе», подробности и кадры триумфа

“To bring the shells, ammo and even food and water to the militants will almost on all fours, and, therefore, to arrive at our guys will be less”, — said Tsaplienko.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that in the area of Operations of the combined forces eliminated a dangerous saboteur.

Contronatura group APU eliminated the saboteur in the district of Donetsk airport in the Donbas.

It is known that in the field of view of the Ukrainian military were two Pro-Russian militants. Ukrainian sniper defused one of them. The next fighter confirmed the hit on the camera. It is also known that the fate of the second occupant in the message is not specified.

The militants, in Day of memory and reconciliation, the same was not appeased, as in any other day in the Donbass. It is reported that Pro-Russian invaders dozens of times just in the last day willfully violated the ceasefire regime in the zone of the OOS.

Recall that the battle for Mariupol: “Mat ordered to leave the city.”

As reported Politeka, mother of the fallen defenders of Ukraine has brought the Ukrainians to tears.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin has prepared a “surprise” Zelensky in the Donbas: in the US all told.