Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the anti-aircraft gun of terrorists with truck (VIDEO)

Украинские воины уничтожили зенитку террористов вместе с грузовиком (ВИДЕО)

An officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine serving in the area of operations of the combined forces, Anatoly Stefan (Stirlitz) released video of a burning and exploding car with the comment:

“…At the forefront of skate “KAMAZ” (the terrorists) mounted ZU-23 (anti-aircraft gun, a formidable weapon against land targets). And when he’s a little stirred up a swarm of warriors OS in his direction flew one sting. Beautiful fireworks came on the positions of the invaders…”

Probably talking about anti-tank guided missile.

The exact place and date of incident are not specified.

Recall, 31 August volunteer Fund “Turn alive” posted a video of the explosion at the field location with the caption: “In this video, filmed before the announcement of the armistice, completely shatters the dugout of militants. Seconds with the first shot enemy object turns into a pile of earth.”

It is curious that so accurate sight is made not by a drone, and land a powerful surveillance cameras. “Turn alive” and bila Tserkva volunteer group during the war, established more than thirty of these systems in the hottest sectors of the front. Installing them is a risky business, often under enemy fire at the height of from 12 to 36 m. But then sitting in the dugout, the men fully see the whole area in a radius of at least 2 and a maximum of 5 km. the same system at the same time allow you to apply pinpoint surgical strikes at the enemy from concealed positions.

However, as drones, they often fail. So the military is in constant need of our help.

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