Ukrainian singer Da-Sha in your clip showed the effects of Internet addiction

Украинская исполнительница Da-Sha в своем клипе показала последствия интернет-зависимости

Singer argues that when communicating on the Internet security is only an illusion. In the pursuit of external approval, laying out each step on display in the social network, people not only attracts the attention of fans, but it also gives strangers easy access to information about themselves.

The inability to get rid of the annoying harassment and served as a leitmotif of the video for “drama“.

The story unfolds on the screen of a smartphone with the Instagram account. The video Director — Anya Velosipedov known works for Brunettes Shoot Blondes and The Elephants, chose to shoot small, confined space. Elevators, fitting rooms is a metaphor for the avaricious part of the spiritual world, which is Internet dependent.

Da-Sha said:

Internet bondage is considered harmless to society. But it destroys lives just like any drug. We all want to look playing on a white piano with a glass of champagne in hand, but it does not happen. Spiritual wealth is determined only by real life experience of dealing with difficulties. I didn’t just sing “Time to dance“. I encourage everyone to get out of the narrow framework in the world, look around, and to protect themselves from the negative consequences of Internet addiction!

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