Ukrainian schools will begin EN masse to check out: imposed strict rules

Украинские школы начнут массово проверять: введены жесткие правила

In Ukrainian schools will check. The corresponding mechanism has already been adopted in specialized Ministry

This was stated by the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych. Unlike certification, these tests should be a tool to support educational institutions, informs “”.

Украинские школы начнут массово проверять: введены жесткие правила

“Institutional audit to conduct the State service of education quality and its territorial bodies. The work of the institution will be evaluated separately by an expert group. Its composition will include teachers with experience in school for at least 5 years have a higher pedagogical education or the highest qualification category, as well as those who have received special training,” – said Lilia Hrynevych.

In the expert group should be no more than 12, but not less than 3 members. Her work can include members of the public.

During assessment of the institutions will be conducted surveys among the staff of schools, whose views will be taken into account. Therefore, in addition to observations of educational activities and attending training sessions, the expert group can also be performed among the students and their parents.

Inspections of schools will conduct in the following areas: educational environment of the institution; the evaluation system of applicants of education; educational activity of educators of the institution; the management processes of the institution.

Institutional audit will carry out scheduled time in 10 years, according to perspective and annual plans. The Commission may work at a school no more than 10 days.

Earlier it was reported that the organizers of the EIT held a meeting, which discussed all important questions concerning exams this year. In 2019 the independent External evaluation will be 355 thousand people, and the session will be held from 21 may to 13 June.

Украинские школы начнут массово проверять: введены жесткие правила

However, the most important issue of the meeting on preparation for the testing was to ensure safety of passing exams, their safe delivery to the venue of the test and the training of health workers to provide medical assistance in case of need.

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