Ukrainian pilots completed extreme flight: “the most dangerous volcano”, impressive photo

Украинские летчики выполнили экстремальный полет: «самый опасный вулкан», впечатляющие фото

Ukrainian pilots have shown the wonders of aerobatics in Africa

Our aces put a helicopter in the crater of an active volcano.

Ukrainian military pilots who are part of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, was delivered to scientists at the crater of the most dangerous volcano in the “black continent” Nyamuragira, the press centre of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on his page in Facebook.

Украинские летчики выполнили экстремальный полет: «самый опасный вулкан», впечатляющие фото

“The crew of the Mi-8 helicopter delivered a team of scientists in an active volcano, Nyamuragira, the height of the crater, which reaches more than three kilometers”, – is spoken in the message of the Ministry of defense.

It is noted that the flight did not look like an easy walk, and the pilots had to show their extraordinary skills to cope with the task. So, the aircraft “was opposed by” a strong tailwind, its speed reached 90 km/h.

Our brilliant pilots landed the helicopter on the surface of the crater, which is very fragile and at any moment she might collapse. “To minimize this risk, the pilots demonstrated precision control helicopter”, – said the press service of the defense Ministry.

After volcanologists were delivered at the destination, the crew returned to the airfield, and after a couple of hours again flew to the crater of an active volcano, to pick up a group of scientists.

Украинские летчики выполнили экстремальный полет: «самый опасный вулкан», впечатляющие фото

Experts expressed gratitude to the Ukrainians for assistance in carrying out their scientific mission.

Note that Nyamuragira is the most active volcanoes of Africa. Since the start of observations, he erupted 32 times.

As previously reported, the incident in the air has claimed the lives of the people. Near Gorgona island near Tuscany in Italy collapsed the Robinson R66 helicopter with people on Board into the sea.

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The helicopter for unknown reasons, crashed and fell right into the Mediterranean sea. According to preliminary data, on Board were a couple from Russia.

The woman who was on Board were killed – the body was taken to the port of Livorno, and the search for the owner and the pilot continues (the man of 1982 year of birth).

Украинские летчики выполнили экстремальный полет: «самый опасный вулкан», впечатляющие фото

The helicopter took off from a private site near lake Como in Northern Italy and went to Porto Cervo, Sardinia. At 17:00 in the control room received an alarm signal that is on Board the aircraft experiencing the problem.

To the crash site in the Mediterranean sea arrived patrol boat with divers and emergency services. Woman’s body found in the cockpit of a helicopter, the male body has not been found yet.

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