“Ukrainian patriots” revolted with Russian tanks in Kiev

“Ukrainian patriots” are outraged that they discovered in Kiev Russian tanks. Toys on the shelves of one of the capital”s shopping reminded them of a fighting machine “Armata”.

To attend to this fact, web users also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in the capital of Ukraine you can buy tanks with symbols of the Russian Federation. They offered to send an appeal to the SBU, this body interested in the work shops.

Such perturbations are widely and ironically commented upon. Most users say that these toys, like the vast majority of other, most likely produced in China.

Others report that if the nationalist identity was so scared of toy tanks, as it was consistent with their statements about the readiness to deal with these.

At the same time, in the account of the Ukrainian journalist Andrey Bulgarov came the call to the people of Kiev to come to the store where they sell “Armata”, and pitchforks to demand to remove these toys from the counter.

Representatives of the “at fault” supermarket already promised the radicals to conduct a thorough review of how on his shelves were the tanks of the “aggressor”.

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