Ukrainian official gave a tough fight right in city hall: “choked and…”, a video of the massacre

Украинские чиновницы устроили жесткую драку прямо в мэрии: "душила и...", видео расправы

Two official fight city hall, middle of the day

In the city of Smela of Cherkasy region started to fight two of the official management of the Affairs of the Executive Committee Lyudmila Osaka and head of the Department of citizens Lyudmila Omelchenko. Video surveillance at the institution has already published on youtube.

Украинские чиновницы устроили жесткую драку прямо в мэрии: "душила и...", видео расправы

The conflict happened during working hours. The acting mayor Victor Fedorenko said that the incident broke out due to the inaccuracies in the documents.

At first, he tried to take paper from Osaka. After she failed, the woman lashed out at a colleague, grabbed her neck and began to choke.

Subsequently, Victor Fedorenko fired Omelchenko with of her post.

Украинские чиновницы устроили жесткую драку прямо в мэрии: "душила и...", видео расправы

“Woman on woman raises a hand, applies a force, such was grabbed by the neck and pressed. According to the Secretary Asako began to scream, to rattle. She jumped, and she began to choke him behind the door,” he commented.

“There are two witnesses who saw it and are now giving explanations to the police. Have video, where everything is recorded. I don’t think a woman should behave this way, and even civil servant during working hours,” added IO the mayor.

Earlier it was reported, in the Black sea Odessa region, Moldovan citizen was attacked with fists on a police officer.

The incident occurred in one of the local restaurants, where police were resting in their free time.

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Previously it is established that between a COP and a citizen of Moldova, born in 1993, who is a boxer, there was a conflict on household soil.

Quarrel has outgrown in fight in which the police received a brain contusion and fracture of the temporal bone. The victim was hospitalized.

On this fact initiated pre-trial investigation under the article of intentional grievous bodily injury (article 121).

Recall that in the capital of Ukraine right in the heart of city police busted two brothels.

As reported Politeka, police announced the hunt for entrepreneurs in Lviv.

Also Politeka wrote that in Kharkov caught the gang, which is 7 years plundered collectors.