Ukrainian film won the European Parliament LUX Prize

Украинский фильм получил премию Европарламента LUX Prize

The picture Mountain woman: war affects relevant to European society, for which he received the award.

Ukrainian film Mountainous female: the war was awarded the European Parliament’s LUX Prize. This was reported on the website of the European Parliament.

The tape is a joint product for Ukraine, Iceland and France. It is dedicated to the 50-year-old heroine Halle, residing in Iceland.

In the story, the heroine is involved in music, and in his spare time struggling with the environment pollution. So, she regularly interrupts the high-voltage power lines that go to the aluminum plant, thereby stopping its operation.

The life of the heroine changes radically after she adopts the orphan girl from Ukraine.

The award, in addition to the Mountain of the women: in the war, also claimed the Styx Wolfgang Fischer (Germany, Austria) and the documentary film the other side just a Cute Turajlic (Serbia, France, Qatar).

“In these films, discusses three key themes for the future of Europe: the risks associated with radical nationalism, urgent action to save the environment and the need to address migration issues”, – said the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.

Earlier it was reported that in the Network appeared the trailer of the film adaptation of the jungle Book. The production of the tape Mowgli deals with Netflix.

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