Ukrainian farmers can earn millions on the cultivation of sea buckthorn

To invest in this business you need $300 thousand.

Українські аграрії можуть заробляти мільйони на вирощуванні обліпихи

Natural products are increasingly valued in the international market. Growing demand for berries and medicinal plants. Ukraine, which has excellent conditions for the cultivation of both, can take the lead on their production. Agriculture, which recently was considered not as valuable today can bring substantial income, informs Rus.Media.

According to experts, to such crops include sea buckthorn which is a berry, and at the same time a medicinal plant. It is used as fresh and as raw material for obtaining sea buckthorn oil, a variety of liquors and additives in cosmetic products. Over the past 5 years the world market of sea buckthorn grew 40% and reached $18 billion Of which $1 billion are on the very berry and $17 billion – to its by-products.

Even frozen Oppio you can get the high export price, covering all costs. In addition, there is a growing demand among consumers for products with ground sea buckthorn (soft drinks and sauces), which opens up opportunities for cooperation with catering establishments.

On a hectare of greenery is placed around 1500-1700 bushes of buckthorn, each of which already in the first years is able to give 5-9 kg of berries. With age, the harvest will increase.

The size of investments in the development of sea buckthorn economy depends on its configuration. If the company is to focus only on the production of fresh berries, it will need $270-350 thousand depending on the cost of equipment, of storage space and the salaries of the employees. When adding equipment to freeze and store berries, need more money – $500-550 thousand, but the enterprise will receive additional income from the sale of berries in the off-season at higher prices.

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When you use all of the opportunities for fresh and frozen berries, the annual income of the economy will grow from $170 thousand in the first year of implementation to $800 thousand with increasing age of the bushes and their maximum performance.

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