Ukrainian Day of the tutor and all preschool workers

Day of the tutor and all preschool workers is celebrated every year on 27 September.

Всеукраїнський День вихователя та всіх дошкільних працівників

Today in our country celebrate the national Day of the tutor and all preschool workers. The festival aims to draw attention to preschool educational institutions, their employees and to school in General, informs Rus.Media.

Random people in this area do not (and should not!). In Malovyskivsky area all those involved in doskey, people who have a great love for children and his work with great patience, ready to give pupils and their parents the skills, ability, care, tenderness, affection, understanding. These people will determine the future of our state, because those seeds laid by workers of preschool institutions in the souls of pupils will grow in the future, large fruits. Therefore, the fate of each little person, each of us is in measure predicated on the wisdom and skills of the teacher, his patience and ability to understand the child’s soul, inner world of the child.

This day, in addition to educators, say nurses, assistants, Tutors, music teachers, psychologists, physical education instructors, custodians, cooks, staff of preschool institutions.

Therefore, all those involved in early childhood greetings!

I wish you wisdom, inspiration, and positive in operation. Let all conceived will be realized by You, let You pursue creative finds and creative ideas. Family warmth, understanding, desire to live and work! Peace in their native land!


Little eyes inspect me
in silence, in disbelief, as if waiting
What I talk, what I obtuse,
Because I am now their mother.

They, my children, my Chicks,
They, my dear little kids.
they heart and soul to give I wish
Because I’m the mom in my native land.

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Neither the affection and tenderness you will not regret
Because the people they bring very I dream.
I can – I will give all the eyes,
A teeny, tiny their Chicks.


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