Ukrainian Comedy “crazy wedding” has set its first record

In the first weekend Comedy looked 149 423 thousand spectators.

Українська комедія "Скажене весілля" встановила свої перші рекорди

The new Ukrainian Comedy film “crazy wedding” from the popular showman Yuri Gorbunov was released only on 4 October 2018, and has already set several records, informs Rus.Media.

The press service of the state reports that the film “Mad wedding” gathered for two weekend 30 million 786 thousand 504 hryvnias, and on wide screens already looked 359 979 thousand spectators. Yes, it was an absolute record among the feature films of Ukrainian production.

In the first weekend Comedy looked 149 423 thousand spectators that brought the creators a record 13 million 112 thousand hryvnias, and to recoup the costs of creation of the tape. According to the manufacturer, for the second weekend of hire the picture has collected 17 million 674 13 thousand hryvnias, it was viewed by 201 556 thousand spectators.

Recall that the story is about Director of regional Museum of local lore of V. Seredyuk, who is trying to “save” his daughter’s wedding. He didn’t like what the “native child” marries afromontana, so he wants to stop the wedding, taking up his organization.

The main roles in the film played by Nazar Zadneprovsky (Basil Seredyuk, father of the bride), French actor Jimmy Vaughan-Vaughan (Francois, groom), Pauline Vasilisa (Kate bride), Lesya Samaeva (Galina, wife of Basil), Alexander Kobzar (Taras, neighbor Basil), Vera Kobzar (Oksana, the wife of a neighbour), Inna Prikhodko (Olga, the daughter of a neighbour) and Aram Arzumanyan (Ashot, son of a neighbor).

In addition, the screens will appear the stars of show business: Potap and MONATIK, who played the priest and deacon eulampia of Pilipina, Yuri Gorbunov in the role of toastmaster of Nazar Zapuhljak, Oleg Vinnik, blogger Alexey Suprun, the participant and the winners of the League of laughter” Anastasia Orujova and the duet “Zagoretsky Lyudmila Stepanovna” – Victor Pink and Svyatoslav Antipov.

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Watch the trailer of the movie “Mad wedding” online:

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