Ukrainian car shot the police, the scandalous details: “16-year-old mistress and escape on horseback”

Украинец расстрелял авто полиции, скандальные детали: "16-летняя любовница и побег на коне"

The man made a fire in Odessa region

In Odessa region the velikomikhaylovsky area the man opened fire on officers.

The press service of the National police reports that the man is a threat to others, as it can be armed with a shotgun, reports the observer.

“In the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of infringement on life of a law enforcement officer, members of the Velikomikhaylovsky police wanted Chumachenko Pavel, born in 1977. Said citizen may be armed with a hunting rifle and carry a threat to others,” — said in the message.

Also, the press service of the police released photos of men and also added the car that came under fire from the criminal. On the frame you can see that Pavel Chumachenko made a dozen shots. Fortunately, casualties among the police, no.

According to the newspaper Columnist, the shootout occurred last night. The man left the scene on horseback.

A wanted man already repeatedly came into the view of law enforcement. For the year his wife 4 times called the police, accusing her husband in a drunken brawl. In addition to his wife he has 16-year-old child 11-month-old child.

Украинец расстрелял авто полиции, скандальные детали: "16-летняя любовница и побег на коне"

Also earlier it was reported that chilling footage of the incident make still numb from what he saw.

Terrible incident shocked the University of North Carolina (USA). There was a shooting, reported about the victims.

So, according to the TV station WSOC, four people were injured as a result of shelling and two were killed.

Now training complex will be closed for entrance because of the shots:

“The regime of prohibition (input and output) remains in force. Everyone stay in safe places”, — stated in the Twitter of the University. The management of the University earlier urged students and teachers “to escape by flight, hide, and fight back if necessary”.

Украинец расстрелял авто полиции, скандальные детали: "16-летняя любовница и побег на коне"

Recall that in the restaurant, two guests went “wall to wall” and botanicals shootout.

The incident occurred in the restaurant of the Russian capital Moscow, according to Telegram-channel Mash.

In the restaurant “Black Cockatoo” guests first staged a mass brawl. Then in the hands of one of the visitors was the gun and the client began to shoot. The staff immediately called the police.

One person was injured. He was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

Law enforcers are searching for the participants of the conflict, there are about ten people, and in particular, the arrow.

Recall, shot, beaten and “blew out” gas: the details of the attack in Kiev.

As reported Politeka in the bar began to shoot students, dozens of people fell from the bullets.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the luck of people were shot near a car wash, the criminals still at large.