Ukrainian banks will provide customers the opportunity to buy bonds from a smartphone

Several banks are developing mobile apps to launch new services.

Українські банки нададуть клієнтам можливість купувати облігації зі смартфону

Several banks are developing mobile apps for the launch of a new service – the purchase of government bonds from your smartphone. This was stated by the head of Department of Depository accounting of securities of the national Bank Andriy Suprun, informs Rus.Media.

“Next year, hopefully in the beginning of the year, individuals purchase bonds domestic Treasury bonds will be done in a few clicks in the mobile app. Several of the banking market participants are working to create such a decision, and we support them. We are writing a public API and give everyone the opportunity to connect to this process. The main obstacle for the promotion of this service is a crisis of confidence. No one trusts anyone, especially no one trusts the government and state institutions. But investment in government bonds – a variant of win-win for all parties. The government gets the resources that clients receive the highest rates to investments 100% guaranteed by the state,” said Suprun.

  • The national Bank soon plans to change the model for calculating the fair value of government bonds in the portfolio of the regulator or accept them as collateral for refinancing loans. The reason for this was the inability of the existing parametric models in constructing the curve Buscopan yield securities.
  • It should be noted that the transition to the new calculation method will not happen immediately. Some time netbankcom will have to spend on reconfiguring software and procedures. When it starts to apply the model of Svensson, officials will report separately – the text of the document obliges them to announce the exact date within 5 days from the date the decision enters into force.
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