Ukrainian apples not exported through a weak marketing

Only the active marketing position can save manufacturers from the disposal of even high-quality products.

Українські яблука не експортуються через слабкий маркетинг

In September 2018, Ukraine exported only 2.4 thousand tons of apples, which is 8% less than in September 2017. This is reported by analysts of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association (UPOA), informs Rus.Media.

Despite record low rates, our producers continue to take too passive in the promotion of exports. But this season, only the active marketing position can save manufacturers from the disposal of even high-quality products, because it is now very much in Moldova and Poland and in other European countries.

Despite the slowdown in exports in September, during the first quarter of the current season Ukraine increased shipments of apples to foreign markets compared to the same period the previous. Only exported 4.7 million tons of apples, or 52% more than in July – September 2017.

To stabilize the price of Apple, Ukraine need each month to export at least 10 thousand tons of products, and better 15 thousand tons. In fact, until September Ukraine exported quite successfully early varieties of apples that cannot be stored. When it’s time to export late varieties, which provide more than 90% of total production, farmers were not ready to price realities and the high level of competition in Europe.

At the same time in OPOA believe that in October the export volume of apples will increase significantly, and for the first time to reach 10 thousand tons. However, according to analysts Association, total exports in the course of the season-2018/19 years may be 80-90 thousand tons. This volume of exports will stabilize prices, because the excess is estimated by experts at 150-170 thousand tons.

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