“Ukraine will break…”: Zelensky meeting with Putin acquires new details

"Украина дожмет...": встреча Зеленского с Путиным обрастает новыми подробностями

Negotiations in the “Norman format” in which to meet the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, could be held until the end of November

However, as the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko in interview “to Gromadsky”, not all the participants in the talks approved the date.

“I think that Ukraine will be involved in the forum in the format we want. We hope that this will happen next month,” said the Minister.

He added that the meeting was postponed for technical reasons, but the President’s team is doing everything that it held.

"Украина дожмет...": встреча Зеленского с Путиным обрастает новыми подробностями

In addition, Pristayko said the train Vladimir Zelensky in Golden, where he communicated with the local population. According to the Minister, the President wanted to reassure people that the steps that Ukraine is making in “Norman” format, are not dangerous for them.

"Украина дожмет...": встреча Зеленского с Путиным обрастает новыми подробностями

Putin will invade Ukraine, “waiting…”: the areas where to expect the invasion

“We agreed on two things — formula “Steinmeier” and withdrawal of troops. With three locations we have dissolved completely in one — in the Village of Lugansk, build a bridge there. You can go look, how it becomes modern. The second question we raise in Gold. Left of Petrovskoe, now we’re going to start. This is all the conditions that we, as presidential advisers, agreed. I see no other reason for the Russians not to find time for meetings,” he added.

Also earlier it was reported that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky warned that he was careful in his arrangements, which he concludes with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Today many talk about the breeding of forces in Donbas and on the long-awaited world. The talk may be correct, but you have to understand that for Ukraine in the face of the world can only be a win. Victory is not only the liberation of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas from Russian invaders and their mercenaries, but also the return of the Crimea.

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"Украина дожмет...": встреча Зеленского с Путиным обрастает новыми подробностями

Political analyst Vitaly Bala said, really a rhetorical question, to bring the world the removal of the APU on its territory, which started the Ukrainian government? In fact, peace with the aggressor may not be as long as the Crimea will return to Ukraine. Therefore, you can only talk about the armistice, not to die Ukrainian military and civilians.

Recall Zelensky held a private meeting with the “Servants”.

As reported Politeka, Romanenko revealed details of the scandal with Zelensky in the Donbas.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Zelensky was struck by a “gift” for the wedding of famous Ukrainians, such President have not done.