Ukraine was flooded with new Scam: “after a call you can only lose”

Украину захлестнула новая афера: "после звонка можно всего лишиться"

In Ukraine launched a new Scam that is threatening to any user of mobile phones

In Ukraine is gaining momentum a new sophisticated Scam, it all starts with the massive calls on your mobile phone.

Thus, the number beginning to receive dozens of calls from various numbers. They allegedly traded on non-existent ad or just a “wrong number”. You start to call back or just leave calls unanswered, and after a few hours you discover that your SIM card blocked, says Know.

Украину захлестнула новая афера: "после звонка можно всего лишиться"

In addition, victims of the Scam found that the social media accounts blocked, and with Bank accounts lost all the money.

On the new scheme, scammers told in the press service of the police.

The attackers calling the operator, calling the phone number of a “victim”, saying that the lost phone with a map. They call to recent contacts.

Room restore, but he is already in the “hands” of criminals. And with it, the scammers hack into email, social media accounts and even Bank account.

Украину захлестнула новая афера: "после звонка можно всего лишиться"

Calling the taxi company, leaving your phone number in an open form on any of the sites, you risk falling into a database of scammers. After these lists sell for a COP 2-20 per room. Base sold online. Phones “New mail”, major banks, taxi services, they all fall on the “open market”. Formally each of the companies declares: rooms store, and information is protected. In fact, all the information sold.

The buyers of these bases are marketers that are engaged in SMS sending. So talk about news, sweepstakes and offers.

The second group of buyers of such databases of phone numbers are scammers. They call you with information about the “blocking” account, or assure that your family member has violated the law and need to pay a bribe, will also most often get their information from open sources.

Украину захлестнула новая афера: "после звонка можно всего лишиться"

Also earlier it was reported that mobile operator Kyivstar deprived of the earnings of Ukrainians, blocking the room. Ukrainians increasingly began to complain about the quality of services of the mobile operator Kyivstar. But not so long ago the operator struck the bottom, blocking the man’s room because he just had a lot of calls.

Your angry review Ukrainian left in the community of the operator of the social network Facebook.

“You do okhr*net in the end?! Sorry, but this is in any gate not climbing! Today I blocked the number on incoming and outgoing calls. When I asked the operator why — the answer is killed:” Perhaps the abuse calls. There are too many calls per day do.” You really precipitated ?! And why do we need a mobile connection ?! And what the hell, maybe a limit of making calls per day ?! I have unlimited numbers in your network and a certain number of minutes to other operators If, for some reason, over minutes to other operators, send SMS about it! In the end, you as an operator should be interested in the fact that I, as subscriber, has undertaken more calls, because this is your profit, ” wrote Ivan.

Recall, the loss of documents over threats to the guy in the river.

As reported Politeka, phone scammers went after the Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the bankers figured out how to Rob the Ukrainians, the NBU has discovered the secret loans.