Ukraine urgently appealed to all countries of the world due to the issuance of Russian passports in the Donbass: “hard to assess”

Украина срочно обратилась ко всем странам мира из-за выдачи РФ паспортов на Донбассе: «жестко оценить»

Ukrainian MPs have decided to appeal to the leaders of all countries because of the situation in the occupied territories with Russian passports

So, we are talking about the Russian Federation’s decision to start issuing according to the simplified procedure of passports to residents of the occupied Donbass, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

The Committee on foreign Affairs has developed a special appeal, which is addressed to all the world’s countries demanding such actions of the Russian Federation to acknowledge the receipt of the documents is considered illegal and to strengthen sanctions against the aggressor country.

Украина срочно обратилась ко всем странам мира из-за выдачи РФ паспортов на Донбассе: «жестко оценить»

For the draft resolution No. 10259 voted 230 deputies in the required 226.

Before deciding the floor was taken by head of the Committee Hanna hopko, who also noted that the Council needs Moscow’s actions decisively and to evaluate harshly. She added that this procedure violates international law and can worsen the condition of people who live in ORDO and who do not wish to take the passport of the country-occupier.

“And our international partners to give a clear call on how many still have the aggressive actions of Russia that you were willing to tough action,” said hopko.

The document refers to the fact that the parliaments of foreign States and international organizations should condemn the illegal actions of the Kremlin, which violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. And it is also recommended to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

As previously reported, Vladimir Putin explained his controversial decision to issue Russian passports to residents of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR”.

The Russian President said that the decision on simplified extradition of Russian citizenship to Ukrainians on the temporarily occupied territories is “a purely humanitarian character.”

Putin stressed that Russia does not want to create problems for Kiev, however, this decision was allegedly prompted by problems with observance of human rights on the uncontrolled territories.

Украина срочно обратилась ко всем странам мира из-за выдачи РФ паспортов на Донбассе: «жестко оценить»

“We have no desire to create problems for the new Ukrainian authorities, but to endure a situation where people living on the territory of these republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, are deprived any civil rights that transcends from the point of view of human rights,” complained the head of the aggressor.

He argues that the inhabitants of the occupied by Russian invaders of the territories supposedly are unable to move freely and to exercise their rights. “It is a question purely of a humanitarian nature”, — said Putin.

We will remind, the national security Council revealed the cunning plan of Putin on the simplified granting of RF citizenship.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky responded harshly to Putin to issue Russian passports.

Politeka also wrote that Russia “invites” to himself a Ukrainian.